I have been on 40mg of methadone for about 4 months now. My clinic put me on a rapid detox because i cant pay anymore and I go down 5 mg every other day. Being down to about 15mg now i am starting to feel sick. I had to use a little bit of heroin today to feel better. I dont want to get strung out again on any opiates and my question is about swtiching to suboxone, a friend of mine said she can give me some. How many mg of subs should i take once ive completely finished my methadone dose? how long should i take them without becoming addicted to subs? i just cant afford it i am unemployed and have no health insurance so i am pretty screwed..any help or pointers about this plan at all? this is my first time doing both... i have been a heroin addict for 10 years and am tired of loosing everything from the dumb drug. thanks