My PM doctor was alarmed by the weight I've gained from the Methadone I've been taking, so he switched me from 60mg a day of Methadone to 2 80mg of OxyContin a day with 30mg Oxycodone IR 6 times a day for breakthrough pain.
My question is: How long do you think it will take for the Methadone to not be fighting with the OxyContin? How long will it take for it to be just OxyContin in my system? Do you think I will feel WD's? I hope not! I agree with my PM. I HAVE gained weight on the Methadone & I too am afraid I'll have MORE health problems by taking it.
I just slept all day (I work on call) & had a horrible sweet tooth!
I did not take any Methadone today & at mid-day, when I filled the prescription I took one 80mg OxyContin & through out the day I've taken my breakthrough meds. No WD's so far, but I know Methadone stays in your system much longer than most drugs. Any help would greatly be appreciated as this is my first time on OxyContin.