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When switching from Effexor to wellbutrin do I need to gradually stop the Effexor?

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LaurieShay 28 Aug 2012

Absolutely!! If you do not taper off the Effexor you will have withdrawals and they can be rough.

LaurieShay 28 Aug 2012

By the way, you can take Wellbutrin with the Effexor and not have to discontinue it.

Baja 17 Oct 2016

My doctor stopped my effixor 150mg, changed me to wellbutrin. It lasted 4 days. I called and want effixor back. I'm in a bad way. No control. Crying, sick. I can't believe after 20 yrs, just stopped me. I questioned going off. Was told no side effects. Very wrong. Hope to be better tomorrow. This last few days have been a nightmare. One I feel very alone in. Start back in morning.

RonMan 28 Aug 2012

Tried that once under doctor's orders Wellbuton on Wednesday Effexor on Thursday, ER on Sunday. Wellbuton on Monday and looong talk with doctor on Tuesday. He re-read his PDR and said the equivalent of oops.

You need to taper off one as you go up on the other.

nenag 28 Aug 2012

If you dont mind me asking, why are you switching? I am currently on effexor and have been on it for a while now and i cant seem to get out of the BLAH feeling. Im tired and basically BLAH!! cant say that im depressed just BLAH .. LOL.

kaismama 28 Aug 2012

Generally while tapering one you start taking the other since you'll be increasing doses on that.

WildcatVet 30 Aug 2012

Yes! You must follow your doctor's instructions very carefully. Although some anti-deps can be taken together, there is a chance of serious additive side-effects. This is why you you titer one drug down and one drug up. A girl in my counselling group took both these drugs together at full doses and had a severe seizure. Best wishes and be careful! free discount card

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