I've been prescribed 37.5 mg Effexor XR > generic version since June 1st.
It's been too much so my MD is switching me to 12.5 mg Paxil (again, the generic version).

I've been told different things between my MD, the pharmacist, and my doctor's assistant... not to mention the multitude of experiences read in discussion forums.
So far- my experience has been... (starting yesterday - 8/25/12) ...
Day 1 - Paxil
Started out ok but by noon was dizzy, just a little nauseous but eating a light meal helped - very anxious, nagging headache.

Day 2 (today) - Paxil
Again started fine but had a banana to help with dizziness.
It helped.

If its been tolerable, although uncomfortable, should I take a "portion" of the granules out of an Effexor capsule to assure no horrible withdrawal or just stick to the Paxil and hope for the best? Today is Saturday and I'd rather not be hit with surprise w/d symptoms during the work week