Please can any one help me with this, I have been on effexor 225mg for 5 years and I was feeling good,after a month I start switching to prozac due the high price to effexor, so I start to take 225mg effexor with20mg Prozac then after 5 days I took 150mg effexor with 40mg Prozac, but when I took 75mg effexor with 60 mg Prozac I start to feel my self not well at all, crying... anexyti and my feet are so cold all the time... so the doctor ask me to return to effexor225mg the same way I switched to Prozac, now it's been 4 days on 225mg but I'm not feel my self good at all, still depressed and anxity and iam so afraid to loose my work, please any one know how long I will wait to feel well like before ???