So I have been on Generess fe for 5 months and this month my doctor decided to switch my Generess fe to Junel fe 1/20 which has more progesterone and less estrogen than my old pill. Does this affect my level of protection? So while I was on this pill for 3 days I had unprotected sex with my bf and it didn't even come to my mind that I was supposed to consider backup like condoms. So what I did was ask my nurse practitioner and she said I should be fine. I was still worried so I planned on taking plan b because just to keep my mind at peace. So I went up to the pharmacist and he said I should not take plan b while on birth control because it can cause excessive bleeding. I went back home and read the pamphlet that was with my pill and the directions says "when switching from one brand to another take the first active pill the day after your last reminder pill" I did just that but some people say because its different levels of hormones it might take a while for my body to "adjust" to it and I won't get full protection. Is this true??? PLEASE HELP!!