... been on fluoxetine for almost 2 year now maybe. I started taking them as I got a little bit down after my estranged dad tried getting in contact and it opened up a lot of old memories as a child and the break up of him and my mum and the mess it left. Anyway I was also just starting a relationship as I started in the fluoxetine and everything was great. 2 years later I was so happy and besotted and was planning a house and holidays etc and then I thought I was gaining weight from the fluoxetine.so I stopped and my mum gave me her citalopram instead then all of a sudden I got confused and questioned everything in my life even my relatjonship which I was so happy with.i felt like I was having a young midlife crisis!! Basically I stopped fluoxetine instantly and took citalopram for 3 weeks and stopped due to feeling down and messed upand now I am 3 weeks into being back on fluoxetine again as it seemed to work originally. Is this why I'm am confused over my relationship and messed up and when will I feel back to how I was. Please help