I switched from Aviane (after taking it for 3 years) to Lutera this month and I had sex with my boyfriend and he came in me around the end of the first week (around 3 times in 2 days) on Lutera. People have told me I should still be ok since it is the same dosage as Aviane, just a more generic brand, and I haven't missed a pill, or taken one late for the entire time that I've been on BC pills. I got paranoid though since I just started this new brand on the 24th of April after having my period start on the 20th of April, so I took the Plan B pill roughly 2 days afterwards. I expect to have my period in a week. But yesterday I started having a white discharge which was normal for me BEFORE I started taking BC pills, so does this mean the pills didn't work? Do I run the risk of pregnancy even though I have not missed any days AND took Plan B?