I've been on atripla for roughly ten months... the first eight weeks of being on atripla was nothing but a blur. It took every bit of two full months before the side effects of feeling high, dizzy, unbalanced, uncoordinated, and anxiousness went away. After the adverse effects calmed down everyday life seem to began to get back on track and be normal again. then around month 7 the side effects came back out of nowhere. I haf a strict schedule of when i take my meds so i was confused as to why the side effects came back which are almost unbareable. I switched to genvoya around month 10 of being on atripla. The very first day of taking it i noticed a change. I didnt feel as foggy headed and i felt halfway like i actually wanted to get up and face the day. Its been a week since being om genvoya and i still feel unbalanced when i walk and uncoordinated which makes it difficult to do everyday things like drive to work or even walk in a straight line. I need to know how long does it take before these side effects go away. Im not sure if the atripla needs to flush out of my system all the way or if its the genvoya thats making me feel like this. Somebody please shed some light on this because i hate feeling like a zombie from the walking dead.