I have been on Ativan 1mg every night and occasionally 1mg as needed for anxiety for maybe 1 year (can't remember for sure). My new psychiatrist does not want me on it. I take it for anxiety and panic from OCD. So he switched me to Xanax extended release 1mg every night, he also wanted to put me on Neurontin x3 100mg daily. I switched over to the Xanax but did not want to take the Neurontin (to many side effects). I switched 4days ago and today I've had uncontrollable generalized anxiety. I've had diarrhea and I'm nauseated, rocking back and forth for comfort and 'that scared I'm going crazy feeling'. Am I going through withdraw? Should I go ahead and start the Neurontin? I'm so confused and I don't want to have a seizure or something worse happen. I'm also on a new medication called Luvox 50mg x2 daily. Started this about 2weeks ago and was taken off Zoloft 50mg (weaned off). I called my dr but he didn't call me back today. Help!!