I'm currently taking 5/15mg oxycodone a day, I've been on them for years. I have a difficult time maintaining a steady comfort level throughout the day. I compare it to a rollercoaster from hell. I asked my doctor today if I could try OxyContin 10mg pills. He didn't have an issue with this, and wrote a prescription. He also wrote a script for a partial refill of the ir. I now question if I should not take the OxyContin because I might need the ir, anyways.

I no nothing about OxyContin, except all the bad I've read in the news. From reading on the internet today, I'm taking a total of 75mg of oxycodone a day. If I'm only taking 10mg of OxyContin a day, am I going to go into withdrawals? I asked my doctor for 10mg OxyContin because I thought it would have a peak just below my 15ir, but it would maintain this level longer.
I don't want to return to the ER for opioid withdrawals, my doctors office is closed.