Starting tomorrow, I'll be switching from 40mg of Prozac to 50mg of Luvox. I have anxiety, OCD, depression, chronic pain conditions, etc. Prozac seemed to help my OCD markedly, but it didn't do much for my depression, and it seemed to make my anxiety even worse - to the point where I've recently started having panic attacks, whereas I didn't have them prior to taking Prozac. I'm not saying that Prozac directly caused them, but I think there's a link there. Anyway, I know that Prozac has an exceptionally long half-life, so even though my doctor said to simply stop taking the 40mg of Prozac and start taking the 50mg of Luvox, I'm concerned about serotonin syndrome and/or other scary side-effects from starting Luvox while Prozac is still in my system (due to the half-life of Prozac, not because I'll be taking the two together; I certainly won't!). I expressed that concern to my doc, and she simply advised me to be on the look-out for symptoms that might indicate serotonin syndrome. Well, symptoms of that can often mimic symptoms of a panic attack, so that wasn't the most helpful or comforting answer, IMO. I'm hoping to hear from people who have made the switch from Prozac to Luvox, or from Prozac to any other SSRI really - but not vice versa or from some other SSRI to some other SSRI, please, because it's the half-life of Prozac that I'm specifically concerned about. I'm thinking about cutting the Luvox tablets in half for the first few days or week, and only taking 25mg to begin with, but I'm still worried about how 25mg of it would interact with the Prozac. Basically, I'm just terrified to have more than one SSRI in my system at once - period. LOL. Personal experiences? :)