This is my very first post on any website for added medication questions. Please bare with me.

Ok, I I have been on Citalopram 40 mg for approximately 10 years I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and Diabetes Type 2 & anxiety. I'm wondering what my side effects could be from switching from Citalopram to Cymbalta. I am told that this will help my pain and conditions for my rheumatoid arthritis.

I am in a active flare-up with my rheumatoid for approximately 6 weeks now. I have been on every rheumatoid arthritis medication known. My rheumatologist basically is at his Wit's End not knowing what else to do to help me that's very depressing. I am currently taking 50 mg injection once a week of Enbrel it used to help significantly but now it seems that my body has become immune to that drug also.

I am just wondering if anyone has had the same symptoms the same health condition that I do and what your Dr recommended rheumatoid specialist have done for you. Does anybody know about any different medications for rheumatoid arthritis. I would be for ever so grateful. My last and I guess actual question was what are the symptoms from switching from Citalopram 40 mg to the Cymbalta eventually going up to 60 mg. My doctor told me to take 20mg of Citalopram for one week one of the Cymbalta in the evening and then after a week to get completely up Citalopram and stay with Cymbalta.

I'm so nervous because I have been on Citalopram for so long. If anybody could help me or give me directions I would so greatly appreciate it.