I have taken Lexapro at 10 MG for a few years. It definitely helped. I tried to wean myself off of it as I was feeling so much better, but after a few months I just ended up back where I was before I started taking it. I saw my doctor and decided to go back on medication, as I just seem to need it to take the edge off and function normally. My doctor has decided to put me on Zoloft instead this time, at 50 MG. I'm feeling awful now, and am wondering what to expect as I start this new medicine. Will I feel symptoms starting, even though I have been on SSRIs in the past? Will it take a long time to work? I remember how hard it was when I first started Lexapro, it got worse before it got better, and took about 2 weeks to kick in. Am I starting from scratch here? Curious to hear other people's experiences. Thanks!