I was taking 60 mg Adderall, 30 twice per day, for over 4 months. When this became ineffective, another dose was what I thought I needed. My psych doc does not go above 60 mg per day so two weeks ago was switched to Vyvanse at 80 mg per day. The first two or three days seemed ok but after that I felt nothing beneficial. Loss of concentration, loss of determination, and most of all loss of the ability to focus my thoughts on one thing (I need to focus on multiple things at once for my job but taking things one at a time has helped a lot). Today I told my psych doc that along with the Vyvanse that 60 mg of Adderall worked splendidly, yet again he did not feel comfortable prescribing me so much stimulants. I now have to go get a second opinion from another psych doc, but in the mean time he prescribed 100 mg of Ritalin IR, either 1 pill every 2 hours or 2 pills every 4 hours and the fifth as a final booster. I have never, ever, been prescribed Ritalin and have very little knowledge on it. I've read countless reviews of both good and bad, so nothing concrete. What can I expect? Is Ritalin going to be as effective as Adderall? And I know I'm supposed to stay away from grapefruit juice and/or ascorbic acid while taking Adderall, does this pertain to Ritalin? Again, have done some research, and even asked my pharmacist, but nobody can give me a concrete answer. I have always been in the habit of drinking a glass of grapefruit juice at bedtime but I've read somewhere that grapefruit juice may intensify, or prolong the effects of Ritalin, I'm hoping this is not true. Any help from someone who has any experience with Ritalin will be greatly appreciated, and anyone with experience with Vyvanse would also be helpful, I'm really wondering why it did not live up to the hype the psych docs say. Just in dire need of some answers, help, and just all around support. Thanks guys, and I hope I didn't bore you with this long ass question.