Just a question from someone slightly new to the birth control routine. When I first started taking them 6 months ago, I started my pills on a Wednesday. This was doctor prescribed. On my last pack, however, I decided to move to a Monday start in order to miss having my heaviest days on the weekend. So instead of waiting to start my new pack on a Wednesday, when I reached Monday in the placebos pills I started my new pack, which is how I was told it should be done. Everything went smooth until the end of the pack. My period has started early. I started having cramps on Sunday, took my last active pill Sunday evening, woke up Monday morning with spotting, and by Monday evening I was in full blown period mode. There was no hormone withdrawal because I hadn't even taken my first placebo pill. Could this be because I changed the day I started my new pack? And if so, will it even back out? My periods had developed til' they didn't start until my 2nd placebo pill.

I'm currently taking Balziva, which is a generic to Ovcon-35. I've been taking them for 6 months, always at 8:00 PM, and have NEVER missed a pill.(We're not looking to get pregnant, so I'm doing everything on the dot!) Married, so sexually active. I should also note that these were prescribed to me for hormone correction and lack of menstruation.