... because he's retiring. The two of us were in the long process of titrating my adderall dose because my insurance suddenly stopped paying for the Vyvanse 50s. Like they pay $0. I think adderall has the potential to work well but i personally hate the XR capsules. Thyre like a rollercoaster ride for me so me and the old dr were gradually switching to all tsblets. Right now I tske 2 Xr 25s QAM and 1 15 tablet BID and PRN. As a hospital RPhD you work some crazy hours. I would really like to be taking the 20 MG tabs QID PRN. is it too early to ask a brand new shrink to change the dosage that drastically because I'm fone with XR capsules. They do the exact opposite of what they're supposed to for me. Any advice on how to approach this with the new doc?