I had been taking Junel FE for about 3.5 years. In December, I took a break from birth control just to see if it would help me lose weight. In January, I ended up having to take Plan B and then had to take it again 2 weeks later. Anyways, I started taking the Junel again that same month. About two months later, a new doctor prescribed me Gildess FE. I know they are the "same" but I've noticed some changes. For example, if I miss ONE pill, but take two the next day, I get my period very heavily for about 4 days. On Junel FE I could skip 2 days, double up my doses for the 2 days after that, and my period would go away almost immediately and was very light. Also, I have been breaking out noticeably more than before. I struggled with acne as a preteen and had to take Accutane so I do not wish to struggle with adult acne in my 20's. Anyways, I'm wondering if these changes are due to the change in birth control, or the fact that I took Plan B twice in January (and I had never taken it before in my life). I know this is a very complicated question but I didn't realize that there could be such differences in switching to a "generic" version of a pill.