I was taking 50mg of Zoloft for anxiety and depression for about one year when it seemed, about two months ago, to not be very effective for me any longer. I started snapping at my kids again uncontrollably and noticed my tension returning slowly. My doctor then switched my meds to 20 mg of Prozac, generic form, and I have taken it for one month and really feel depressed, unmotivated, foggy and exhausted. However, I have been having problems at home with my husband as well and initially thought it wasn't the medicine, but the issues I was having at home. Now I just feel like it isn't working. Plus I gained some weight over the last year and my doctor then switched me today to Pristiq, 50 mg, because she said that it has less side effects of weight gain. I am scared to take it because I hear it's so hard to wean off of it. Should I stop taking the Prozac after only one month, or should I try to stick with it and not move to the third antidepressant after only one month of trying prozac? I am confused and need relief, help!!