I have been taking Celexa (Citalopram) for several years. My dosage was increased to 30mg/day 3 months ago because of worsening depression. I felt worse after the increase. After speaking with my doctor, she decided I would be better off with Zoloft. I had to be weened off of Celexa before starting Zoloft though. While coming off of Celexa, I was prescribed Buspar for anxiety, 5mg/day. I took 20mg of Celexa for the following 7 days. 4 days ago, I began taking 10mg of Celexa a day. I have only taken the Buspar three times.

I haven't felt this good mentally in years!

Now I'm questioning whether I should start taking Zoloft after I stop taking Celexa. I think I will take nothing but Buspar as needed for anxiety unless I feel depression returning.

I appreciate any thoughts/comments.