For Kaismama or anyone that can provide some good advice. A little background...

I'm 47 and have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. I'm taking Wellbutrin right now; nothing else. Unlike some other lucky people I haven't experienced the "added bonus" side effect of increased libido, etc. On the contrary, just the opposite. I've been dating my girlfriend for a little more than a year and at first we were able to have sex on a weekly basis. However, the longer I took the Wellbutrin the worse the situation got. It's now to the point where we haven't had sex in probably 3 months. My libido's in the toilet and I can't get a full erection. I'm basically suffering from ED now, and I blame the drug.

I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow. I've already cut back my dosage of Wellbutrin but because it has basically ruined my sex life I'm hoping to wean myself off of it entirely. I'm also in a much better place mentally now than I was last November. I'd like to try Buspar instead because I'm always tense, fidgety, nervous. I've always been a worrier. I'm hoping the side effects aren't so severe that they outweigh the benefits. I just want to get my libido back and be able to carry on having a sexual relationship with my girlfriend. She thinks I'm placing too much importance/emphasis on the physical aspect of our relationship. I know sex isn't the end all be all but it would be nice to still have that option when the mood strikes. That's no longer a possibility at all at this point, and it's crushing my soul. Do you think my "plan" to switch from Well to Buspar is a good one, or do you recommend I stay on the Well and supplement it with Buspar to counteract the sexual side effects?

Apologies for the lengthy thread but I'm about at my wit's end. I really need some good advice and guidance to turn things around.