... of pocket cost for it would be nearly $1,000 per month, so the change is simply being forced on me due to financial considerations.

I have been taking Trintellix (10mg per day) for about a year and it has worked fairly well. I am told by my wife and friends that I am "easier to handle" on the drug, and it does seem to have given me more peace of mind. Like many others, my sex drive was lowered. No other side effects of which I was aware. I am male, 49 years old. Losing weight through diet and exercise, making steady progress. Trying to avoid diabetes.

Last week I started weening off Trintellix by halving my dose. Low grade global headaches faded after a few days. I plan to make the switch from 5mg Trintellix to 10mg Lexapro starting tomorrow. Can anyone let me know what I might expect during the upcoming days? Thank you for your help