in october 2015 i began to take escitalopram for severe social anxiety and depersonalisation. within a month i felt immeadiete relief and was living a normal life, until in january 2016 i was feeling some social anxiett again and return of depression so i increased my dosage to 20mg. ive been on 20mg for about two months now and my depersonalisation and depression symptoms have not been relieved. because of this i attempted to swtich to zoloft by weaning lexapro back to 10 mg and when i made the switch i had a sever anxiety attack and had to get back onto lexapro. ive been back on the 20 mg for 3 days now i constantly have racing thoughts and intrusive suicidal depressive oness. this is really hard to deal with, should i wait out these symtoms for one more month? in total ive been taking escitalopram for almost 6 months.