Has this happened to anyone else, I had noticed weeks ago some slight swelling but the swelling just keeps getting worse. My Doctor tried to convince me to have another Mammogram which I used to have, until I had 2 breast lumps that didn't show on the Mammogram. This put me of having another one done, so for the last 3 years I have had Thermal Imaging done instead at a local doctors office. Has anyone else had this done, it is painless and you just sit in front of the machine and it takes pictures. The Mammogram for me always hurt really bad, I also felt sometimes uncomfortable with this women who grabs hold of your boob like a slab of meat ready to be pounded. I know for some it doen't hurt them not sure why it hurts so bad for me. But after the breast lumps didn't show, and by the way one of the lumps was just under the surface and was easy to feel, the other was deep and harder to feel. So I decided to seek other ways of getting my breasts checked.
So my doctor sent me to have a ultrasound done, to see if it showed anything and they said I need a Mammogram, so after much convincing by this Doctor who explained it was for the best I did have one done. He told me the results straight away which was great, he said it was breast tissue and it was nothing to worry about. So I haven't, but today it has got a lot bigger the swelling and it looks horrible. I am seeing my pcp later today and I will be showing her and I guess we will go from there, I just thought this might interest some of you. Liz.