I've been on the nuvaring for over a year with no issues. For the past couple months whenever me and my bf of two years have sex it hurts. And I get bad swelling and irritation after, with a lot of discharge and itching. We have both been tested and nothing came back positive except for I had a yeast infection. So we BOTH got on medication just in case we were passing a yeast infection back and forth.

We had sex yesterday morning and nothing had changed. Still very painful and this time there was a little bit of blood. Very swollen inside and all around. Very uncomfortable and now I have thick discharge. I'm so upset that this problem is putting a damper on our sex life.

Has anyone had the same problem? The only thing I can think of is the Nuva ring. My body was fine on it for the last year and now I must be allergic to it or its causing irritation inside me .