Morn campers hope you all have a wonderful weekend. So im into my 5th day on sertraline 50mg done a straight swap from Citalopram 20mgs . i have posted a similar question but it as gone unanswered due to everyone going threw there own hard times enough love going out to fellow sufferers . Any way with the Cit and sertraline this is the end of week 5 at the moment there is no change my anxiety is still raised but i do have diazepam to take the edge of. My question is how long should i give the zoloft to see a change in my Anxiety as if done a straight swap should i not feel a change sooner or can it still take up to the full 6 weeks? im asking this because if this does not work im giving up on ADs as they obviously are not suiting me and i need to detox as i need to get my arse back to work. hope u can all keep the demons away for the weekend .Try and save it all for monday at tell it to F... f for the weekend. HA HA Ineed to learn to take my own advice. love steve.