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I have just been swapped from sertreline to duloxetine for sleep lessness n depression does it work?

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Sidekick55 6 Mar 2017

Everybody reacts to and metabolizes specific medications differently. It just depends in your body! It works for a lot of people, or it wouldn't be approved for its purpose. Give it time, and you'll know soon enough! Good luck

HPoole 6 Mar 2017

ZOLOFT is an SSRI. CYMBALTA is an SSNRI.This means they're both anti depressant medications, however, Cymbalta adjusts your serotonin AND norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is also known as adrenaline!! So no, my input is that it should not be expected to help with insomnia. I've been on both. And just detoxed off an extremely high dose of Effexor XR. That was quite hellish! My advice to you is to find an actual psychiatrist to work with you on your med regimen. Just regular physicians are not trained enough to adequately help you! Have you ever been prescribed anything for just insomnia? If not, here are a few suggestions... I've been on them all at one time or another... or even a combination of them. Start first with more basic meds (is health insurance a problem for you?) ...

sapphire2011 6 Mar 2017

Hi, neither of the medications are prescribed to help you sleep so I hope that's not the reason that you are switching from Zoloft? If you are having difficulty sleeping you may need to switch the time of day that you are taking the med. If that doesn't help then there are many over the counter sleep aids available that may help without having to take a stronger prescribed med. Above all though - you need to discuss this with your psychiatrist before taking anything else to avoid taking something that may not interact well with what you are currently taking. Over the counter Melatonin helps some people and Doxylamine succinate (Unisom SleepTabs) is another option. I myself occasionally take the store brand of Doxylamine and it does not make me tired the next day. free discount card

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