Hi, I am 24 years old, I have asthma and dust allergy.
I usually play a lot of basketball and workout, and didn't took any medicines regularly from age 16.
6 months ago, I had asthma attack, and no Ventolin at home so I took Seretide and it made me feel really bad. I puked and couldn't sleep because I became extremely paranoid with nightmares. but I could breath really good for 2 days. unfortunately in the next 6 weeks I suffered from extremely painful headaches (feeling pressure on the brain from all sides, and the pain get worse after any simple strain like walking on stairs), I first thought that its from the Seretide medicine but now I think that it from lack of oxygine, I did a lot of tests to find the reason for it, and all came clean.
anyway it passed, until my asthma became worse 2 weeks ago, then the headaches came back, so I took Ventolin for 2 weeks almost every day since I had asthma attack every day.
so 5 days ago I received symbiotic for the first time.
I did felt some side effects, I became angry got tension headaches, but it was way better then the headaches from lack of oxygen.
I took it for 4 days and then received SVT episode last night.
It was really scary, 194 pulse rate for no reason. the ambulance is only 200m away from my house so it took them less then 2 min to reach my house, I received adenozin and it passed.
Anyway I just want to know if the symbicort could cause SVT?
Is it possible that the headaches are from lack of oxygen?
and how come I never had it before I took seretide?