I am a 43 year old women. I had my first episode of SVT when I was 15. Doctor told me I drank to much pop (which I didn't). I had my first ablation in Nov 2011. This was a very long surgery (5-6hrs) which I was awake for the whole time. It was painful and terrifying. They ended up keeping me at the hospital even though it was suppose to be out patient. I felt better no episodes for about 6 months but the I started getting them. They were not as bad as the ones before and I was able to get most of the under control without a visit to the ER. But as the years have gone by they keep getting worse and worse. I have been hospitalized about 10 times in the past years because of them. Last week I was in the ER twice in one day and begged them not to keep me because my next ablation was scheduled in a few days. They let me go home 2 days later I had my ablation. I told them to make sure I was knocked out because I didn't need anymore nightmares. This surgery was about 4 hours long. but said to say they could not fix my SVT. I was home 2 days after my surgery and bam SVT episode hit I cried and cried I have been dealing with this for over 25 years and am so tired of it. I don't see the doctor for 2 more weeks and haven't heard from the office about my episodes I am still having. they told my husband at the hospital that I will have to go to Ohio State University hospitals in weeks for another surgery. Because my doctor can't preform the surgery. Has anyone else gone through this? I just want to give up.