I have recently took Truvada as part of a nPeP treatment. After a few days in I started to experience a severe rash which kept on worsening. My rash includes small white bumps, small red bumps, raised sensitive area of skin, and bumps whick look like mosquito bites. I suspected ithe drug triggered it all so I stopped taking it and after a few days my rash begun to fade, though it has been a week since then and my rash is still substantial.
Oddly enough, my mosquito-like looking bites don't disappear and new ones are appearing.
My doctor said she does not think it's from the drug but gave antihistamine pills.
Needless to say, I'm pretty sure these are not from mosquitos. Also, these bumps don't disappear after a few days, some just reduce in size.
Does it sound like it's an allergic reaction to the drug? If so how long does it take to heal after discontinuing the suspected drug? And how come new bumps keep on appearing?