... it in place to try to stabilize my left hip which I fractured in mid-December but has yet to heal. The traumatic orthopedic surgeon said that the latest MRI and x-rays show the fracture is now nearly all the way across the femoral head and has gotten wider though is still in place. His concern is that I will turn or twist just so and it will become misplaced and the only thing he may be able to do would be a complicated hip replacement that he doesn't think my body could handle. I had the knee replaced on that side in 2013 and have been in pain ever since. The soft tissue around the prosthesis is the problem - the knee is fine. I was told my fibromyalgia will make any surgery challenging to heal from. Pain puts me into adrenal crisis and after the knee I was hospitalized 3 times due to poor pain Mgt. I realize this has to be repaired but with the fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders I have my concerns are:
Since I have been working with a pain Mgt dr and using pain patches already but still in pain, will it be more difficult to get good pain control after the surgery?
Is recovery after this type of surgery comparable to that of the tkr? While I am willing to do whatever it takes to get back to some kind of normal, I dread weeks of sleepless nights and the depression that surprised me after my knee replacement