I am on warfarin I noticed my hair falling out about three months after I started taking it then it started really falling out big time I have very long beautiful thick hair , well I used to now I have a quarter of my hair left. I almost had a nervous breakdown for about a week solid that's why my name is always freaking out then I got a grip. Now I am off of it as of 1 day because it makes me deathly ill too many side effects. Does anybody know which is the best or most common blood thinner not including Warfarin my gosh for side effects and possibly less hair loss. I am trying natural blood thinners because I'm afraid of getting a blood clot. I know I'm going to have to go back on but my doctor wouldn't give me anything different he said wait until you see the cardiologists but I'm too sick to take it the warfarin, hurts my head and I feel a phlegmy cough at all times. And there are too many other side effects to list cramps being one of the biggest ones but just in general weird feeling in my head like I'm going to go crazy did anybody else have this? Please help?