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Surgery - Daughter has just had a baby, she is having a lot of hemmoroid pain?

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DzooBaby 27 Jun 2013

Tucks pads and ice packs helped me when I had my babies. There was a foam they gave us at the hospital too. I cant remember the name but I think it was available OTC. Sitz baths are nice too-she can alternate the ice packs with warm sitz baths. She should use something like Benefiber to keep stools soft and dont use toilet paper-get those wet flushable wipes.

smileyhappy 28 Jun 2013

Hi Tvcrisp,

I had to get my banned after each delivery. The doctor puts an elastic on them and they fall off after a few days. It is uncomfortable and can be painful. But I had no choice because every time I went to the bathroom they would protrude. You can have surgery on them but the hemorrhoid has to be the size of a grape. Mine were but I had to wait too long for a doctor. Now I am fine and glad I had them banned.

Good luck,

Delila 29 Jun 2013

Hi, you have been given some great advice already, other things that will help, are to increase the fiber in your diet and aim to eat 25-30g of insoluble fibre a day, such as wholegrain bread, cereal, and fruit and vegetables.
Also, drink plenty of water. Aim to drink at least six to eight glasses of fluid a day and avoid too much caffeine (found in tea, coffee and cola).
Hoping your daughter is feeling more comfortable soon. And congratulations on becoming a grandmother : ) free discount card

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