I started getting sick weeks ago and thought I had a case of laryngitis, my voice would just start going horse, I had no sore throat but would have an occasional dry cough. Final after a couple of weeks with no improvement, I started to get really bad headaches and my cough getting a bit worse I went to the doctor. The doctor said I had a sinus infection caused by allergies. I have never had problems with allergies (which I told the doctor), or sinus infections before and I did not had any congestion problems. But the doctor insisted that was what is was and put me on prescription cough medicine, antibiotics, steroids, and told me to take allergy medicine everyday. So I have been doing this for a week now (went in Friday morning of last week) and I am 100% worse than when I first went in. I now have nonstop congestion and my cough is constant (not even the cough medicine is helping), When I cough I feel this throbbing pain in my head, I am coughing up tons of mucus now, my headaches have gotten much worse and now I have foggy and dizzy spells throughout the day. My voice is no longer horse but my throat hurts from the persistent coughing. I tried to contact the doctor earlier this week when things started getting worse and was told it was normal, but I think after a week there should be some improvement. So I am wondering if this is normal when an infection clears up and should it continue for this long or if the doctor misdiagnosed me? I just feel like I am getting worse and I do not know if I should go find a second opinion or just wait it out.