This past week was my boyfriend and i's anniversary,
We had a couple of drinks and by the end of the night he ended up giving me oral ,we didn't have intercourse though. Two days after my vagina was iching like crazy and I would itch it so bad where I ended up getting little cuts ,I went to walgreens and got monistat 1 the 1 day treatment cause I was pretty sure I had a yeast infection. I took it that night but when I put the cream it put it by the cuts therefor it burned like crazy ,I immediately washed it off and felt a bit better after. The next morning woke up to chunky reddish white discharge on my underwear. As the day continued I saw that I started my period and that my vagina the inside turned into a pale color instead of pink, now is it supposed to still burn when I got to the restroom? Or is it the cuts that are making me burn? should I be worried?