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Stopping cetirizine (generic form of zyrtec)?

Posted 10 Oct 2013 by cckim365 2 answers

I have been taking cetirizine almost daily for the past year and a half. I decided to stop taking this two nights ago (not worth the side effects I had) and I have been itching badly. My back, thighs, neck, and head have been the worst. Parts of my skin has hives and are very red. I am currently a ...

Scabies still showing up after 3 months?

Posted 23 May 2014 by mtnbiker12 1 answer

In March I did my two treatments. I've been taking Zyrtec to prevent all remaining symptoms and it has worked very well. Since then, I've had very little itching but I have had red lines and marks appearing up and down my arms, particularly when I do any physical labor. In the last couple ...

Can diabetic person take zyrtec?

Posted 16 Mar 2014 by Marisabon1069 1 answer

Zyrtec - bronchitis how does it help?

Posted 15 May 2013 by samanthauntenable 1 answer

Medication - Can I take Zyrtec and Tessalon Pearls?

Posted 8 Nov 2012 by MamaTaz 1 answer

I have a bad cold and was given Tessalon Pearls to quiet the cough. I also have grass / weeds allergies and would like to know if this drug interacts with my allergy medicine, Zyrtec.

My 3 yr old is currently on miralax.can I give him zyrtec?

Posted 4 Mar 2014 by adimom 2 answers

My kid was prescribed Miralax (for 4 to 6 weeks) to improve his bowel movement. He has allergy symptoms likd running nose, watery eyes. Earlier when he had similar symtoms his pediatrician prescribed zyrtec.Now can I give him zyrtec while he is on Miralax?

Does Zyrtec contain gluten or corn?

Posted 12 May 2013 by AnonymousCD 1 answer

I recently found out that I may have celiac disease, I have cut gluten out of my diet. I am finding that I am still having reactions as if I am eating gluten, so I have been monitoring everything and almost everything that I use or eat is derived from corn.

Dosage for dogs?

Posted 24 Nov 2013 by aligmjk 1 answer

our vet recommended Zyrtec for our 25lb llapso apso. I can't find dosage he suggested... it's either 1/2 or 1 full and one time a day. this is loratadine 10mg tablets

Can zyrtec stop swelling of the face?

Posted 12 Apr 2012 by BomberB1 1 answer

Zyrtec, Alka Seltzer, and Benadryl?

Posted 6 Jun 2013 by jmccrider 1 answer

My boyfriend take zyrtec everyday and about 30-45 minutes ago drank some alka seltzer cold. He is now running a fever is it okay for him to take some benadryl?

Could any of my medications cause restless leg syndrome-like symptoms?

Posted 21 Oct 2012 by jcastaline 4 answers

I've recently started showing signs of having restless leg syndrome, but I've also had several medication changes in the past few months. Here is what I'm currently taking: Prilosec OTC Zyrtec Pravastatin Metformin Prozac Wellbutrin XL Ibuprofen 600 mg, as needed for carpel tunnel ...

I've been prescribed Methocarbamol, Prozac and Zrytec. Are these safe to take together?

Posted 3 Feb 2012 by mama_aki 3 answers

I was recently prescribed a combination of Zyrtec, Prozac and Methocarbamol. However, I noticed these all carry moderate drug interactions with eachother. I am worried about he respiratory depression aspect as well as some of the other things mentioned in the interactions description. Should I be ...

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