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We found 181 questions associated with the 'Zyrtec' topic.

Does zyrtec affect high blood pressure?

Posted 19 Feb 2010 by pawsum1 1 answer

Is it safe to take 30 mg of Zyrtec a day?

Posted 12 Apr 2014 by Ethrane 1 answer

Can Zyrtec use for several months cause over-drying of the eyes?

Posted 8 Mar 2013 by Aleca 1 answer

I've used Zyrtec daily for the past 4 months and have noticed my eyes over-tearing. Over-tearing is often associated with dry eyes. The excessive tearing started at about the same time as I started using Zyrtec (for Eczema control).

My Zyrtec tablets are out of date by 3 years. Are they still safe to take?

Posted 28 Aug 2014 by albatros 2 answers

My husband was stung by a wasp and his foot is now swollen and painful.

Zyrtec - Can you give dimatapp with Zytec in the same day?

Posted 7 Oct 2012 by SeTaylor 1 answer

!0 year old female with a sinus infection ,also taking 300 mg Omnicef bid.

Son got hives from allergic reaction to omnicef. Would sun exposure make his reaction worse?

Posted 21 Jun 2014 by estevez5 1 answer

He is no longer taking omnicef. Taking zyrtec and benedryl. Already paid for hotel reservations and had prepaid for tickets to water park for this weekend

Aphthous Ulcer - update on a treatment?

Posted 8 Aug 2014 by nikkirn22 1 answer

I read a post a few months back from a member who had been given Singulair by her doctor and it really helped with her ulcers. I had been taking Zyrtec for allergies so my doctor let me switch to the Singulair to give it a try since it also helps with seasonal allergies. I also started a zinc & ...

Stopping cetirizine (generic form of zyrtec)?

Posted 10 Oct 2013 by cckim365 2 answers

I have been taking cetirizine almost daily for the past year and a half. I decided to stop taking this two nights ago (not worth the side effects I had) and I have been itching badly. My back, thighs, neck, and head have been the worst. Parts of my skin has hives and are very red. I am currently a ...

Medication - Can I take Zyrtec and Tessalon Pearls?

Posted 8 Nov 2012 by MamaTaz 1 answer

I have a bad cold and was given Tessalon Pearls to quiet the cough. I also have grass / weeds allergies and would like to know if this drug interacts with my allergy medicine, Zyrtec.

Zyrtec - bronchitis how does it help?

Posted 15 May 2013 by samanthauntenable 1 answer

Scabies still showing up after 3 months?

Posted 23 May 2014 by mtnbiker12 1 answer

In March I did my two treatments. I've been taking Zyrtec to prevent all remaining symptoms and it has worked very well. Since then, I've had very little itching but I have had red lines and marks appearing up and down my arms, particularly when I do any physical labor. In the last couple ...

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