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Zovia - Does this birth control make you gain weight?

Posted 5 days ago by Morgannnkunert 0 answers

I have been on many different birth controls (oral). I started Sofia a few months ago and I have been slowly going up in weight. I am eating how I normally do. On my other pills I would normally stay between 120-130 and I have been going up slowly. Has anyone else had this happen?

Did I mess up my birth control?

Posted 25 Oct 2017 by y-eater11 0 answers

I was given my prescription for Zovia a month ago now. When I was supposed to start on the first Sunday, I started my period that same day. My NP told me I should be on the sugar pills whenever I’m on my period. Because of this, I started my birth control for the first time with my sugar ...

Symptoms of hypoglycemia or pregnancy?

Posted 17 Oct 2017 by Qwerty3 0 answers

I am on the birth control Zovia. I take it every night at the same time and I have not missed a pill in over a year. My boyfriend and I also use condoms and he always pulls out, just as a precaution. The only time we ever had intercourse without a condom was the last day of my inactive pill week. ...

Skipped placebo week and went to next pill pack, but why did I still get a heavy period?

Posted 28 Oct 2015 by lilylullaby 1 answer

Hi all. I'm on Zovia. This month, I decided to skip my period week and go straight to the hormone pills. Fyi, all the pills have the same amount of hormones. Anyway, I started spotting after which I understood would be a side effect, however, a few days after, I started having my period. I ...

Is it OK to take birth control pills from a previous pack?

Posted 13 Feb 2015 by lilylullaby 1 answer

I am currently on Zovia 1/35 and each pill (except placebos) have the same amount of hormones in them. I threw up 2 of my pills once and had to take another pill to accommodate for that. because of this, I need two extra pills from a new pack to still have the hormones in me. I don't want to ...

I started taking zovia last month to regulate my period, will it work!?

Posted 21 Mar 2016 by Tanya25 0 answers

I've never gotten my period and my fertility doctor prescribed me zovia to get my period!! It's my second month so I was wondering if it has worked for anyone!

Abnormal Bleeding on Birth Control?

Posted 8 Jan 2016 by msearching 0 answers

I've been using Zovia 1/50 for probably 3 years now and only recently have been noticing significant changes. Undergoing immense stress at school and intense workouts, I have noticed my period to be much lighter than normal (something just presistant spotting). However, I had what I would call ...

Heat and Zovia/birth control pills? Will heat from a heater affect my pills?

Posted 24 Jan 2016 by lilylullaby 0 answers

I'm taking Zovia and I left my bag in my purse. Someone moved my purse on top of a heater and it must've been there for 2+ hours. Would my pills still work? Should I take plan B?

It's my second month on zovia and my period is late. Is it possible I'm pregnant?

Posted 6 Dec 2015 by livelikelauren 0 answers

I've taken them everyday at the same time. I am four days late, and I had sex a week ago. A this normal?

Will I still be protected regarding the circumstances of my birth control?

Posted 5 Oct 2015 by lilylullaby 1 answer

So I was taking Zovia for a while and stopped for a week after my simulated cycle from the placebo week. I thought I'd get off the birth control but then my face broke out and I'm back on it again. I started a new pack, however, I'm pretty sure I missed one pill and never remembered ...

Birth control symptoms are whack. Please help?

Posted 24 Nov 2014 by JennaMichelle480 1 answer

I've been on BC since July. I started with Mononessa which was fine. The only symptoms I had on mononessa was tender breasts and spotting during the first month.But I switched to Zovia to help with acne and for less bleeding. My first week of my first monthly dose was fine. The 2nd week was a ...

How long after getting off Zovia can you get pregnant?

Posted 29 Jul 2013 by claudiambailey28 1 answer

I have been on Zovia for about a year and a half. I am 22 years old. My husband and I are not planing on having kids for maybe another year or two. But I dont want to get off birth control and then have to try for years before I actually get pregnant (I had a friend who had to try for 8 years ...

Zovia - if I didnt take my pill everyday at the same time can I get pregnant?

Posted 24 Dec 2013 by grass25 1 answer

I do take my pill everyday from 8:30 to 9 but maybe twice a week ill take it at 10 or 11. Can I get pregnant because of that?

Zovia - Does anyone get heavy bleeding for the 4 days and get their period early?

Posted 20 Dec 2013 by Kattt17 1 answer

I gained at least 5 lbs in the last 10 months on the pill. I got my period two weeks early this time and the cramps and bleeding are so bad. I'm always bloated and feel round I do get more acne the big ones under the skin I don't know what to do this is like my fourth birth control.

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