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Zonegran Questions

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Does anyone benefit from Zonisamide (600mg) for neuropathy?

Posted 8 Feb 2014 by TVL76 1 answer

I currently take 600mg of zonisamide (generic Zonegran) for peripheral neuropathy prescribed by my neurologist. My regular PCP had me on 300mg for three years. It worked for about a year and a half, then the effectiveness started to wane. I'm wondering if the same thing will happen with the ...

Does decadron interfer with Zonegran and Keppra and may cause seizures to continue ?

Posted 25 Aug 2009 by ka mele 2 answers

my husband is on 400mlg of zonegran, 3000mlg of keppra and 1000 mlg of depakote per day to control his sml hand seizures however his speech is diminishing, he is very tired and in a very confused state,Would it be better to pull back on meds and have a few sml seizures and experince a more quality ...

How can you have a false positive drug test?

Posted 22 Nov 2009 by christianwife 1 answer

I take MS contin twice a day, Percocet for break thru pain and and Soma twice a day. I've had 5 back surgeries. I also take Zonegran -300 mg at night, Lidocaine creme and Hormones and Cembalta. OTC meds - I take Tylenol PM sometimes. As God as my witness I take my medication as prescribed by ...

Does Zonegran cause extreme tiredness and depression?

Posted 13 Dec 2015 by CathLewis 2 answers

I suffer with petit mal seizures and have been taking Zonegran for about 8 months, its just a get a terrible sense of tiredness and emptiness and suffer with awful bouts of severe depression, just wondered if my current medication was causing it

Is Zonegran safe when taking it for weight loss?

Posted 14 Aug 2018 by mmh9192 1 answer

Has anyone experienced weight loss over time using zonegran?

Posted 21 Aug 2012 by carmenb8587 1 answer

i'm taking Zonisamide(generic brand) for about a year and a half, two years and i have lost weight. the Dr. said that could happen. it's plateaued but i'm thinking of asking to lower my dosage so i can maintain this weight as well. being too thin wouldn't look rite on my frame ...

Is it safe to take Zonegran and baclofen together?

Posted 23 Jan 2013 by cocovelli 1 answer

I have pseudotumor cerebri and my doctor has recently put me on my third set of meds to reduce pressure in my head and manage migraines. However, I found out that my doctor likes to experiment with med combos and I read that Zonegran and baclofen may not be safe to take together. Should I be ...

Name brand vs generic zonegran?

Posted 26 Nov 2014 by migrainewarrior 1 answer

Since starting zonesimide I have experienced almost the entire list of side effects, including the rare ones! While my migraines have decreased significantly I am wondering if anyone can tell me if they have had the same side effects and/or if they have tried the name brand?

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