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How long do you bleed after Mirena is inserted?

Posted 3 Apr 2011 by student01 33 answers

I just had Mirena inserted a few days ago and was wondering how long I'm supposed to be bleeding afterwards. It's only been a very light flow (similar to the old, dry blood that comes out at the end of a period) and I haven't experienced any cramping. I've never had kids, so the ...

Taking the wrong pill on the wrong day?

Posted 10 May 2014 by kaaymkwa 2 answers

I'm currently on the yaz birth control pill and this is my third month on it. I started my pack correctly on the silver section n moved my way to the normal section. During the pack (row 2) I moved to the next (row 3), took the Tuesday pill on Thursday instead of Thursday pill. I realized this ...

Missed a pill, condom slipped, took emergency contraception. Could I be pregnant?

Posted 21 Feb 2018 by Afalu 1 answer

On February 3rd I had sex with my boyfriend. I am on Yaz pill but forgot to take pill 6 (I took pill 6 and pill 7 on day 7), and on day 7 I had sex with my boyfriend. We used a condom but it slipped inside, and because I missed a pill I was really scared, so I took the levonorgestrel emergency ...

I missed my second to last active pill and now I’m bleeding?

Posted 1 Feb 2018 by gmed99 0 answers

I’ve been taking Yaz since june 2016 and this is the first time I’ve ever missed a pill. On Monday 1/29 I took my pill at around 8 pm and on Tuesday 1/30 I missed my pill; I realized that when I was about to take my Wednesday pill but instead popped the Tuesday one out (this was around ...

Yaz - Has anyone ever taken the pills by inserting them vaginally? I’ve heard it helps to decrease

Posted 25 Dec 2017 by MadLove14 1 answer

... nausea. Is this an option? I’ve just started taking Yaz and it’s cause crippling nausea and stomach pains. Hoping there’s an alternative.

Yaz - Long term user, constantly tired and depressed need to know if there’s a link between the 2?

Posted 15 Nov 2017 by Avap 1 answer

I’ve been on Yaz for about 6 Year’s now. Just recently talking to a friend about the pill which has led me to this page. I’m constantly tired have been seen by a therapist for anxiety and depression and I can never be bothered to do anything or get motivated in life. I can only ...

Ortho Tri Cyclen VS Yaz?

Posted 29 Sep 2017 by MaxandMel 1 answer

About 5 years ago when I was 18 I was prescribed Ortho Tri Cyclen which ended up giving me horrible cycstic acne. I had to go on Accutane to help clear it up, but still have breakouts all over my chin and cheeks. I went to my gyno about a month ago and she prescribed me Yaz to clear up my skin. I ...

Does Yaz acne get worse before it gets better?

Posted 3 Sep 2017 by jenmacho 1 answer

I am 19-year-old college student and in high school, had very mild acne. I am ending my 1st month of Yaz and my face broke out so bad. It is cystic and hurts really bad. I am frustrated, but I have hardly given it a chance. I really need people to reply to this with their experience for me to know ...

Stop taking Yaz + period?

Posted 12 Aug 2017 by Laulau16390 1 answer

I've been taking the pill for 12days now but I've noticed swelling of breasts and libido decrease which is why I want to stop taking it. My question is if I stop now when do I get my period? It's been my first month of taking the pill after years of a break.

My wife has been taken Yaz pills for 22 days. There were two days that she took two pills for some..

Posted 26 Aug 2017 by Shehanah almanee 0 answers

... some reason. It's actually missing the right time of taking.

Yaz - Period one week early? Do I need additional contraception until I begin active pills again?

Posted 1 Jul 2017 by M994 0 answers

I got my period a week early, and it will be ending a day before beginning my placebo pills. (I assume this happened due to high stress) Do I need to worry about using an additional form of contraception until I begin my active pills again? For reference I've been on yaz for 7 months, I have ...

Junel Fe 1/20 - First Month Effectiveness?

Posted 27 Apr 2017 by Anonymous7567 0 answers

I was on birth control (Yaz) for almost eight years before I stopped taking birth control, almost 2 years ago. I recently decided to start birth control again. The doctor prescribed me Junel Fe 1/20--- the 28 day pack. My average cycle length is about 30 days. The doctor prescribed the pack on ...

I started Yaz December 20. Started noticing thinning of hair in end of January.

Posted 21 May 2017 by Missim04 1 answer

Could the Yaz effect hair that quickly? My hair is still thinning.

Will Yaz leave any affects on the future?

Posted 29 Mar 2017 by flevina 1 answer

Hi, Reason for acne is hormonal Imbalance Am 28 year old, Initially my face was at least good to look at, now its totally worst and I had been to the skin specialist and he prescribed me with I-Deriva, HHazi 500 tablets and Yaz to continue for 6 weeks. I am really scared with these pills but still ...

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