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Kolonopin and topamax?

Posted 28 Aug 2013 by Amylynnr81 2 answers

My dr just prescribed kolonopin, I normally take Xanax for my panic disorder but I've been getting them daily so were trying something to prevent them, but I read kolonopin is also used for seizures , a year ago my doc gave me topamax to try to stop my severe migraines, both times I tried it I ...

Atenolol - how long for side effects to subside?

Posted 28 Feb 2013 by jenesa26 1 answer

I am a 37 year old female and was was started on Atenolol .25 mg 1x/daily for rapid heart rate due to anxiety issues yesterday. I also take .5 Xanax as needed. I'm feeling a little light headed today and have diarrhea. Is this normal when starting this med? I had an AWFUL reaction to Zoloft, ...

Xanax XR - Do the positive side effects outweigh the negative?

Posted 5 Sep 2013 by KiKi05 1 answer

Hi, I am wondering if I may have an anxiety disorder. I have not seen a Dr. yet but I am researching possible alternatives. I am usually very cautious when taking prescription meds..even over the counter meds like Tylenol I do not take unless I absolutely have to. However, I am tired of suffering.. ...

Is benztropine mesylate in xanax family?

Posted 20 May 2011 by adrian196376 1 answer

looks like xanax

Generalized Anxiety Disorder - My thing is just feeling so alone with this. I am seeing a counselor?

Posted 13 Aug 2013 by missedis 5 answers

... and will see a psychiatrist on the 29th. Am currently taking buspar and luvox and xanex when needed. But still have issues; especially when I try to do something socially. Really just want support from folks who understand what it is like!

Can I still take my xanax with saphris?

Posted 19 Nov 2013 by hms1234 1 answer

I have started to faint and sleepwalking?

Posted 17 Aug 2013 by iamatwin 4 answers

Adderll, klonopin, depacote , Paxil, Xanax (ADD & Anxiety/depression 44 yr female.

I'm currently taking zoloft/stretiline 100mg once daily it dosn't seem to be working anymore?

Posted 21 Dec 2013 by mrhogansr 1 answer

cant sleep my anxiety is worse thinking about talking to doc about xanax help with advice on doing so would be nice i have had 3 heart attacks 3 stent placements high bp and type2 diabetes and sleep apnea .

Aderal and xanex-can you take them both?

Posted 3 Jan 2014 by vivilou 3 answers

I am concerned about my 23 year old son whose Dr. prescribes xanex and adderal to him. He is a heavy alcohol drinker. I don't know if his Dr. knows this. Should I call his Dr. to alert him. Note: This Dr. was his pedatrition and shouldn't treat him now anyway because of his age and he ...

Can I take xanax 0.25mg 10 hours after taking paroxetine 20mg?

Posted 17 Sep 2013 by sam hour 1 answer

how long after taking 20mg paxil can i take 0.25 or 0.50mg Xanax?

Pregnant and using xanax, don't want to go through withdrawal or hurt my baby, any advice?

Posted 17 Feb 2013 by PAYS MOMMY7 2 answers

I just found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant and taking 1 mg xanax daily I'm worried about my unborn baby. I don't want to go through withdrawls and lose the baby nor do I want to continue and risk the health of my baby. Please give me advice if you've been in this situation me know ...

Morphine - I have severe back pain is it ok to take dilaudid and xanax?

Posted 17 Aug 2011 by jdnflw 3 answers

4mg dilaudid .25mg xanax and ive already a gram of hash

How long does it take for a medicine to show its side effects?

Posted 26 Sep 2013 by gwree 2 answers

i have been taking lamictal and depakine for a month now, and few side effects started showing up but not to an extreme level, i'll start taking xanax when nervous, the side effects are terrifying me, i'll be taking it occasionally not on regular basis

Is Phenobarbital used to detox people who are addicted or abused Xanax or Klonopin?

Posted 18 Jan 2010 by Denee1982 3 answers

When I was in rehab for high doses of abuse of Xanax and Klonopin that is what they used. Is that what most rehabs use to get people off high doses of these drugs?

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