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Celexa 10 for 14 days then 20,m on day 7 I seem better not crying over everything, if I feel anxio?

Posted 9 Nov 2013 by blonddraider 2 answers

I take 0.25 xanax if I feel anxiety or panic and it helps but today so nauseous I just want to b better, I want to feel normal an myself I don't undetstand why this bad anxiety everyday. Why can't I stay out of my head, and then the lump comes in throat an I obsess and then panic I am ...

Are the yellow Xanax bars extended release?

Posted 4 Apr 2011 by polopete81 1 answer

I just went on Xanax on Thursday. I felt better at first but since Saturday I have been feeling like

Posted 7 Oct 2013 by Flabiker 5 answers

... a zombie. At the gym I thought I was going to pass out after cardio, I've been irritable and not wanting to do anything. My appetite is off and all I want to do is sleep. Am I the only one that wants off this medication merrygoround? I feel like its not even helping and I don't want ...

Generalized Anxiety Disorder - I have been on 200mg of Zoloft and .5mg of Xanax 2-3 times a day now?

Posted 18 May 2012 by scottrod13 4 answers

... for about 5 months. The Xanax was working great when I first started. I finally felt like my anxiety wasn't controlling me anymore. But now, I almost feel worse than I did before I started taking the Xanax. Constant anxiety and depression. I am thinking about telling my doctor to ween me ...

I am terrified I've been a long term user of Xanax for 7 or so yrs now I need help?

Posted 5 Sep 2013 1 answer

I take 2mg 5-6 times a day just to function nobody would no the difference. I'm now having to get off them by Feb 1st I can take a whole pack of 5mg Valium tablets with no relief I hate the drug and the doctor who originally prescribed them!

What Benzodiazapines are not filtered through the liver?

Posted 23 May 2013 by Lori Martin 2 answers

I am on Klonopin 1mg & Xanax 1mg - both twice a day. I would like to find something to replace the Klonopin that is not so hard on the liver as I have Hepatitis C.

How many weeks does it take for Klonopin to Work???

Posted 12 Jun 2013 by tommycapnpants 2 answers

Hi, I suffer from GAD and bipolar disorder with ruminating/intrusive thoughts. I was diagnosed with these in 2007. Long story short, I was prescribed xanax and lamictal, and they both worked for years. Xanax had been keeping me anxiety free until last month. I believe this may be due to two ...

I ran out of my xanax a week early. What do I say to my Dr tomorrow?

Posted 30 Jul 2013 by Blythe67 3 answers

My dad is dying of Colon Cancer.

My daughter, 15, has anxiety. She's on Prozac, 80 mg and 76 concerta. She has Xanax for attacks?

Posted 11 Sep 2013 2 answers

... She's very anxious tonight, I see a panic attack coming tomorrow. Will taking Prozac or Xanax help prevent it tomorrow? Will she be too tired in school?

How does Buspar work? I have heard it works only after taking it for 10?

Posted 19 Sep 2012 by eguzman8586 2 answers

days to a month and it will PREVENT anxiety attacks but doesn't help you if you are having one and take it like Klonopin or Xanax. Doctors say I am too young althought I am 27, to be taking those medications as they can be adictive. But what am I to do if I am having one? I have only had the ...

Is paroxitine a generic xanex?

Posted 9 Nov 2013 by maniac13 2 answers

Is 1mg of xanax the same as taking two .05 xanax?

Posted 15 Jun 2013 by Dawn911 1 answer

I have a problem with L5 disc, causing pain in right extremeties?

Posted 11 Sep 2013 by frontier2007 5 answers

I am also experiencing muscle spasms in buttocks? Can Xanax be prescribed to control muscle spasms?

I have tremors that started approx. 11/2 yrs. ago. Can Xanax help?

Posted 17 Oct 2011 by GypsyEyes 3 answers

My tremors are mainly in my right hand and sometimes right leg. Most recently my left hand has started shaking a little also. I tried Tremodone which I ordered on line but it seemed to make my tremors worse so I quit taking it. My brother's health care provider gave him Xanax for nerves and ...

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