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I have bad anxiety and panic attacks and I take xanax and it works great but I still have attacks?!?

Posted 12 Sep 2013 by adrie13 2 answers

I am just really tired of taking xanaxs and i am so scared of the side effect to all the other pills... What can i do to help it?! I mean the xanaxs work great but i want to get off of them... i feel like they just cover up the problem not fix it.

Has anyone had a problem with the purepac 1mg xanax, does not work as well as Mylan brand?

Posted 3 Jul 2011 by kathyjhnst123 3 answers

I have tried the purepac 1mg xanax. To me, it did not seem to work as well as the mylan did. ? Also, some pharmacies have said that the manufactuer Mylan is no longer in business. Can someone direct me to the any other manufactuer that works just as well as the mylan 1mg xanax? Thank you! K.J.

I just been perscribed xanax and Im scared that it wont work?

Posted 10 Apr 2014 by Anonymousname 6 answers

I have social anxiety and have attacks if im infront of a class or group and i dont know if xanax will help me when im actully standing up there..

I want to quit taking xanax .25mg 3x a day, anyone recommend a medicine name as substitute ?

Posted 10 Dec 2012 by sporkonafork 3 answers

Ive been taking alprazolam for 9 months since starting ive always taken only 1/2 a pill of .50mg. It varies how long i wait between doses 6hrs -10hrs i never do it more than 3 times a day,before starting this i drank beer often usually 2-3 times a week since early 2008 i been sober since starting ...

Is Phenobarbital used to detox people who are addicted or abused Xanax or Klonopin?

Posted 18 Jan 2010 by Denee1982 3 answers

When I was in rehab for high doses of abuse of Xanax and Klonopin that is what they used. Is that what most rehabs use to get people off high doses of these drugs?

Is cymbalta?

Posted 3 Jun 2014 by baileyd 2 answers

is Cymbalta the same as xanax

Has anyone tried these (C.E.S.) "Crananial Electrotherapy Stimulation" devices that are sold?

Posted 20 Apr 2014 by Sparky246 1 answer

on the internet? There are several devices out there. They claim to stop Insomnia, Anxiety, & Depression. They run on AA batteries and have electrodes that strap on your head. They are supposed to produce endorphins, seratonin and decrease cortisol. I was wondering has anyone tried one of these ...

How does Buspar work? I have heard it works only after taking it for 10?

Posted 19 Sep 2012 by eguzman8586 2 answers

days to a month and it will PREVENT anxiety attacks but doesn't help you if you are having one and take it like Klonopin or Xanax. Doctors say I am too young althought I am 27, to be taking those medications as they can be adictive. But what am I to do if I am having one? I have only had the ...

Alprazolam - Buspar and Xanax?

Posted 29 Dec 2013 2 answers

Is Buspar effective if you also take Xanax

Can I do ketamine while pregnant if I have anxiety and panic attacks really bad?

Posted 15 Nov 2013 by nessamunson 5 answers

I have very bad anxiety to the point were I cant breathe I used to take zanax for it but now I cant. So I want to try something else if possible.

Ive been perscribed many drugs to control my anxiety for over 20yrs and Im not coping?

Posted 13 May 2014 by rachael3 3 answers

Im thinking of natural remmedies such as A2X. 20 years of many drugs. Im now on serequel efexor xr and xanax. I have 5 mental illnesses what a joke. I am not a text book case im a human being. I hope to tell my story and to maybe make a difference in one of your lives.

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