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Is xanax a controlled drug?

Posted 26 Sep 2011 by Kristy1978 1 answer

Is it safe to take xanax as needed with buspar?

Posted 22 Sep 2013 by Hudson95 1 answer

I have very high anxiety and wanna try a ativan but afraid it will show up that I took a Xanax.Will?

Posted 22 Jun 2013 by Bridget Mcconnaughey 1 answer

I have very high anxiety and wanna try a ativan but afraid it will show up that I took a Xanax.Will it show up a benzo.?If so how long will it stay in my system?

Xanax - I am worried about weight gain, acne,sex drive loss?

Posted 23 Apr 2013 by Bananas365 1 answer

I suffer from time to time from panic attacks. I am by nature an anxious Worrier anyway but usually can work through problems with exercise prayer and eatting right. The past year has been really trying and difficult and have been having some panic attacks that I just cannot seem to get out of. My ...

Are Xanax and clonazepam/klonopin the same drug?

Posted 31 Jul 2013 1 answer

Robaxin-750 - is this in the same family as xanax or valuim?

Posted 14 Sep 2009 by hyperone 1 answer

does this have the same affect as valium?

Is there something like Xanax but last longer that I havent taken and that works?

Posted 14 Mar 2012 by totred 1 answer

I have servere panic disorder and pts and probably more but know the breviation for anyway... Ive taken just about everyting not for along time just to try it. I am sensitive to everything even the low dose zanax. But zanax works the best with no side effects. But the dose is low. I dont take ...

Am 26 years old and I am taking xanax 0.5 mg I suppose to take it 3 times a day as needed and it's?

Posted 22 Jul 2013 by enisa26 3 answers

... been a year now i take 2 times per day and i feel it's not getting better it's like if i don't take it it's worst and when i take it still i feel emty inside i don't understand what is going on i wanna stop taking there drugs and be normal again i just i just had my ...

My Dr switched me from Ativan to Xanax with no step down process?

Posted 8 Sep 2010 by Cafelecat 3 answers

My old Dr switched me from ativan to xanax with no step down or anything in between the two and a lower Mg and dosage of the xanax. I am having awful side effects now which are shaking,panic/anxiety attacks,cant sleep,nausea and headaches. I am new to this town and dont have a regular dr or ...

8mg Suboxone, 1mg xanax and lots of alcohol?

Posted 2 Nov 2011 by cordelll 4 answers

The night before last I took 4 xanax bars while drinking heavily, then woke up yesterday still feeling the bars and alcohol and dissolved an 8mg suboxone(first time taking one) after drinking a few more beers. I felt really mesed up and could barely keep my eyes open but continued to drink. I still ...

Does Cymbalta help?

Posted 14 Jan 2013 by Junebugs 4 answers

I had a nervous breakdown in September 2012. Have been on Paxil, Prestige, Ambilify, Lamotrigene, valium,xanex, mirtazprine and more. An anti depressant from all families. SSRIs, SNRIs and Benzos. I was on paxil and klonopin before the breakdown. I believe the breakdown came from having two major ...

Is it considered a felon to have 2 Xanax or 2 Valium in an unmarked container?

Posted 10 Jun 2013 by ann west 3 answers

Itake a lot of high blood presseure meds,and heartmeds. A police officer informed they were supposed to to be in the container they came in.I have a pill box like everyone else

Can I take z pack with Xanax 5mg?

Posted 14 Aug 2013 by starington 2 answers

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