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What are the differences, if any, between Vivelledot and Estradiol patch?

Posted 13 Sep 2011 by lindartsy 1 answer

I've had complete hysterectomy, 1983, have been on Vivelle for 20 years, when I try to get off of it I have emotional effects of severe crying and nervousness. Have had chronic pain and depression from said pain, on antidepressant, or namely Effexor since 1986. I'm 68 years old, diabetic, ...

Can I stop taking progesterone and estrogen cold turkey?

Posted 16 Feb 2013 by 1010hormones 1 answer

I am 52 and I take 200 MG of progesterone 10 days per month and 0.075 mg of VIVELLE dot twice week. I was taking half the dose. I am dizzy and I am slightly nauseated. My vision also seems to be slightly blurred.

Vivelle-Dot - Hi I have been on 2mg estrodial tablet for 1 month - is vivelle dot less side effects?

Posted 27 Dec 2015 by Wendyb01 3 answers

Been on estrodial 2mg 1 mth- post menopausal At 49- have Myrena progesterone iud for other issues. side effects estrodial gained 4kg, increased my depression and anxiety, head congestion, back feet and joint pain plus more- though sweats and flashes and dry v better. But side effects too bad. Does ...

Can you stop using Vivelle-Dot at any time?

Posted 7 Jan 2010 by hatcher 1 answer

Vivelle-Dot - Anyone know if the excessive hair loss I have experienced by using either/or Vivelle?

Posted 18 Feb 2011 by BritBabe 1 answer

... or Climara is temporary or permanent? I was on Vivelle for 3 months then changed to Climara and came off after 6 weeks, as both caused rashes at site - and could be the culprit(s) in this awful hair loss.

Does Climara cause weight gain?

Posted 17 May 2012 by SharonAW 1 answer

I have suddenly gained alot of weight around my middle. This has happened since I started on Vivelle and am thinking of switching to Climara. Will this help?

Taking vivelle dot having horrible anxiety doctor says not related to meds can someone help?

Posted 9 Jun 2013 by audehy 2 answers

Been on this for 4 months with an increase from 0.05 to 0.075 anxiety getting worse

Is it ok to cut the Vivelle Dot patch in half?

Posted 17 Feb 2010 by joanne100 2 answers

Is Itching a side effect of Vivelle dot?

Posted 21 Sep 2009 by jessicae 2 answers

I have a severe itching problem at night. Then, I go into involuntary shaking. i have been wearing the patch for five months. I itch periodically all over my body in the day time. Could these itches spell be a side effect of Vivelle dot?

Decided to stop using vivelle-dot 0.0375 to access if I need this anymore

Posted 2 Oct 2012 by Who am I 1 answer

Had complete hysterectomy in 2008 and started on vivelle-dot 0.1. After two years I told my Dr. I wanted to reduce the dose and now I am on .0375 since March this year. I am very emotional and do not know if I can just start taking it again after 2 weeks? Do I need to see a Dr first?

Been using Vivelle Dot patch since about July. Have a rash about 1 1/2 - 2" in diameter, on the bac?

Posted 25 Oct 2012 by roxygirl25 1 answer

... of my left, upper thigh. Red and bumpy and can be very itchy. And, now, just noticed 3 more bumps that started itching on the back of my right upper thigh. Can the patch be causing this? Thanks

Anyone used vivelle patch 20 plus years after complete hysterectomy?

Posted 18 Apr 2014 by njkeegan 1 answer

My health insurance does not want to cover after age 65 and doctor has hesitation, however, everything I can find does not match my data. Only use Estraderm patch--not progesterin. Most studies it is not natural Estraderm used and is also .6 or more and often not on women with total ...

Vivelle-Dot - Has anyone experienced hair loss/ thinning?

Posted 2 Dec 2017 by Dihane 1 answer

I have been on the patch for like 10yrs. now... completely took away my terrible 24/7 sweating episodes! But after being on it for that long... I've thinned & lost ALOT of hair!! And I'm doing 1/2 patch every 4th day! I do not want to quit the patch but..Im really afraid I'm ...

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