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Vicodin HP Questions

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Does Vicodin HP exist in Michigan anymore?

Posted 6 Apr 2018 by John jay 0 answers

I was prescribed this many years ago. Now no such thing in Michigan as far as I know.

Discontinuation of "Brand" Vicodin HP?

Posted 22 Jun 2012 by Greendog914 10 answers

For several years, I have been managing my back and knee pain with "brand" Vicodin HP. Its always helped me get through my day and get tasks done. Bizarrely enough, and I would even concede that its probably in my head, the "generic" version never worked as well. At any rate, I ...

What are the differences between Vicodin, Vicodin ES and Vicodin HP?

Posted 5 Jul 2011 by minou9 1 answer

I am taking Hydrocodone/APAP 5/500; My Rx label also states "Vicodin" and "Danbury". The pill description: White oblong capsule, scored, with Watson 349. I just want to know the differences of the above three and which one my particular prescription falls under. Note: I assume ...

Vicodin HP - what does the HP stand for?

Posted 17 Jan 2014 by daver777 0 answers

What doea HP stand for in Vicodin HP?

Posted 10 Feb 2011 by tiffany.ned 2 answers

Is cold turkey vicodin detox physically dangerous?

Posted 26 Aug 2010 by jbird51 1 answer

Greetings, I have been taking 2-4 vicodin HP for the last three years. Doctor prescribed, never at work, but the pain due to arthritis and various surgeries’ is, well, a pain. For a variety of reasons, I have decided to stop the medication and re-asses the pain level. I did about a month of ...

What is the difference between Vicodin ES and Vicodin HP?

Posted 31 May 2004 by shacmasta 1 answer

What's considered stronger Vicodin ES or Vicodin HP

Need help with getting off of morphine er?

Posted 8 Jan 2011 by drywall69 1 answer

For some history, Been on morphine er by prescription and vicodin hp for 10 yrs. Do not want to be a slave to morphine. About 18 mos. ago I had been on 120mg a day.[morphine er, that is]. I decided to cut myself back. I started taking 120mg every other day, for a few months. I then decided to ask ...

I was given vicodin 7.5 didnt work now Im given vicodin hp. which is better?

Posted 11 Aug 2010 by tjc605 1 answer

i was in a car acct. hurt my back. been given the meds from the doctors. can anyone taken more. if you can you tell me which one help them out. .i dont know what the differents is ..can someone pleae help... thank you

If I took 1 Vicodin HP on 12/01/10 at 10 pm and have a urine screening on 12/06/2010 will it show?

Posted 4 Dec 2010 by lnpoland 1 answer

took 1 vicodin hp on 11/30/2010 and 1 on 12/01/10 at 10 pm have a urine driug screening set for 12/06/2010 will it show up

I am ready to stop taking Vicodin!

Posted 18 Jan 2010 by letgo 1 answer

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