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Could I swop verapamil 240 mg for diltiazem, as verapamil production has stopped?

I have high bloodpressure and some artrial fibrillation, please advise which medication would be best, as securon SR keeps me from sleeping?

Posted 31 May 2016 0 answers

Can coconut oil supplements be safely taken with verapamil?

I want to know if I can take coconut oil supplements with my verapamil.

Posted 29 Apr 2016 1 answer

Verapamil - I was percibed this drug for me cluster headaches which was a life saver but have now?

... been told the it's not available until the end of August

Posted 17 Feb 2016 0 answers

Calan SR - can I stop verapamil er without any side effects?

I've been taking it for about 4 years and still having headaches. I don't like taking medicine if no benefit because of possible side effects

Posted 6 Feb 2016 1 answer

I have been on Verapamil 40mg/day for several months. Now my BP is climbing again. The Dr. Rx'd?

... 120mg er. I would prefer to try 40 mg twice a day rather than jump to 120mg. Is it much better to take an Verapamil er rather than 2 separate pills, given the peaks and lows of Verapamil in the ...

Posted 15 Oct 2015 0 answers

Can use of Verapamil and Bystolic cause diarrhea?

i am diagnosed with microscopic colitis which flares up occasionally. Hard to find foods with fiber to eat. I'm currently taking 2.5 systolic and 240 mg of Verapamil. I have developed an iron ...

Posted 24 Aug 2015 1 answer

What are the alternatives to verapamil?

Posted 21 Jun 2014 1 answer

Is it a problem taking 2 verapamil instead of 1,240ml?by mistake?

I took 2 roughly around 12 15am,,now I cant sleep,,plus I take losartan in mornings,,should I still take it?

Posted 28 Jul 2015 2 answers

Switching between types of verapamil causing leg edema?

The pharmacy substituted my usual brand/type of verapamil with same dosage of different release rate verapamil temporarily due to an ordering/delivery delay. Feel fine except lower legs and feet are ...

Posted 2 Aug 2015 0 answers

Need some help on verapamil 40mg 3 times a day?

Hello I have been having really bad pressure headaches/migraines for the past 6 months no tablets have been working and I'm still in the same boat i suffer from tinnitus and vertigo seen the ...

Posted 23 Jun 2015 1 answer

How long does it take to get acclimated to Verapamil, I have numerous side effects (ie: light?

... headedness,hot flashes, feel flush,very slight nausea, etc)? I've been taking it for 2 weeks for mild HCM, 120mg/day, and my Doctor said I need to get acclimated to it, how long did it take ...

Posted 14 Jun 2015 1 answer

Could a combo of meds make me overtired dizzy and confused sometimes?

I take Losartin, Verapamil, ASA Low Dose, Centrum Silver Metformin in the AM I take Allopurinol and Atorvastatin in the PM Have been taking most of these for a LONG time - over 3 years...

Posted 8 Jun 2015 1 answer

Do these four drugs need a prescription to be obtained or can they be purchased over the counter?

Verapamil, Diphenhydramine, Vasopressin and Adenosine. I'm am doing a theft investigation into these four drugs from a hospital. The charge is more severe if the drug is controlled by the ...

Posted 13 May 2015 1 answer

Isradipine - Does it help with rapid heart beat?

Im on verapamil er 240 for heart palpulationa and bllod pressurer my heart beat is fine but bp is around 145/95

Posted 4 May 2015 1 answer

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