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Vaginal Infection Questions

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Metronidazole 500mg - What kind of vaginal infections is it used for?

Posted 12 May 2011 6 answers

If it has four tablets in one dose?

Can Implanon cause vaginal infections (Y.I., or B.V.) every month, & rash around the mouth?

Posted 29 Aug 2013 45 answers

I had the Implanon implanted July of 2011, before that I took the pill. I was fine August of 2011 and come September I got a vaginal infection. Every month since then I started to get either yeast infections or Bacterial Vaginosis in addition to developing a rash under and on the sides of my mouth. ...

Can I stop taking monistat 7 early?!?

Posted 15 Dec 2017 1 answer

I thought I was getting a yeast infection since I’ve had them before so I got monistat 7 after a week of inching and the gross discharge and within 2 days my symptoms are all gone! Should I stop taking it?? I am worried now it isn’t a yeast infection

Metronidazole - is there anyother way?

Posted 25 Oct 2014 3 answers

I was given this pill yesterday (i cannot take pills for nothing in his world) i tried different solutions on taking it:\; pudding, apple sauce, and oatmeal (BTW the apple sauce only brings out more of the metal tatse) nothing is working for me, so i went back to the doctor today and she told me ...

Tested negative for STI’s and bacterial infections but have a brown gooey discharge?

Posted 16 Sep 2018 0 answers

So basically I am now on my 2nd implant, I have had it from February. I haven’t had sex in two months, was cleared from having any sti’s or bacterial infections about a month ago, but I have this horrible brown gooey and smelly vaginal discharge. One of the reason I still haven’t ...

Tiny bump/blister thing on my labia minora? What could this be, I'm scared?

Posted 12 May 2015 1 answer

Okay so first thing, last week I had what I think was a vaginal yeast infection. I had all the symptoms: itchiness and the white discharge. On Sunday I did a lot of walking and was wearing tighter clothes so originally I thought I had chaffed my labia, but upon further inspection today I found a ...

Can Plan B delay your second period?

Posted 11 Nov 2018 1 answer

I had protected sex on the 6th of October, took Plan B that night even though there were no breaks I was just worried, I got my period a little late from the 15th-20th. Now I had sex on the 27th, condom didn’t break (it also was a spermicide Trojan condom) and he pulled out like 10 minutes ...

Amitiza - Body odor and vaginal infections?

Posted 23 Jan 2017 2 answers

Have any of you noticed a change in body odor since taking Amitiza? Really stinky BO or chronic vaginal bacterial infections?

Vaginal Infection - What should I take for a bladder infection? Does metronidazole 500mg work...

Posted 28 May 2018 2 answers

... for bladder infections and is it bad when you bleed when you urinate? What should I take?

?Is boric acid good for vaginal infection?

Posted 8 Apr 2014 1 answer

MetroGel-Vaginal - Itching in labia minora and a yellow discharge with a odor, but no irritation or?

Posted 4 Mar 2015 1 answer

... burning during urination. What could it be?

Vaginal infection, blood after flucozal capsule. is it normal?

Posted 20 Dec 2014 1 answer

i noticed blood after the second day i was taking the capsule. i took one capsule per day. is it normal? should i be worried? i am not sure if it is an infection. if not, would taking flucozal make it worse in order to bleed?

Is there any legitimate medical use for active dry yeast? Could it cause a vaginal infection?

Posted 9 Dec 2016 1 answer

I am part of a team of 5 people who care for an 81 year old woman. She has had several yeast infections in the past year. Today I found 3 packets of active dry yeast in a cabinet where some of her meds are kept, one of which was open. I'm worried another one of the caregivers could be using ...

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