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Took plan b, frequent urination week after and now clear discharge am I pregnant??

Hi I took plan b may 30th because the condom broke during intercourse and we are not sure when it did , he pulled out and started cumming , he was sure he didn't cum in me but I was afraid about Precum and got the pill the next day less then 24 hours after sex. I started bleeding 3 days later... read more

Yeast Infections

Does prednisone increase urination?

OTC Water Pills

Spironolactone - When should I take this medication? early in the morning or just before bedtime?

I am 77 and I have been diagnosed with heart failure and heart attack. My doctor prescribed Aldactazide 25mg with other BP drugs for me. What time of day is best to take Aldactazide? I don't want to wake up to urinate in the middle of the night.

Drugs for overactive bladder?

I have overactive bladder, urine inconsistency and frequent urination. But I can't take oxybutynin hydrochloride because I also have glaucoma on one eye and astigmatism on the other eye. I have had the bladder issue right form child hood and my personal life is affected, am 32yrs female, So... read more

Plan b cause frequent urination?

I took plan b about a week ago and now after one week I haven frequent urination and light cramping. Is it possible im pregnant? I read that the side effects for plan b do not include frequent urination.

Levothyroxine - Will this make my urination more frequent during the day and night?

Was on 150 then went to 100. Then we went back up 125. At that time my urination became way more frequent and I can't leave the house because I can't hold it at all. This is going on day and night

Does azithromycin have any side effects that could cause erection problems?

I started taking azithromycin 2 days ago for a bronchitis infection. This morning I started having urination problems and now I’m having trouble getting an erection. Any help is really appreciated and I’m starting to really worry

I took my third dose of Vagifem at bedtime, and several hours later (and upon urination), the tablet

... came out. Should I insert another one right away or wait until the next prescribed dosage?

How much water should I be drinking on spironolactone?

Hello all. I'm a lifelong avid water drinker, and was recently prescribed spironolactone for both hirsutism and hypertension. I know the extra urination is good, because that's also removing the sodium from my body. But I'm tempted to drink more water to prevent dehydration. If I... read more

Frequent urination after Plan B?

Has anyone experienced frequent urination after taking Plan B, but not for a week and half after taking it? I’ve been experiencing other plan b symptoms the last few days, but the frequent urination is a new one. I remember taking Plan B in the past and having frequent urination, but I... read more

Frequent urination Lexapro?

Has anyone had really bad urinary frequency and urgency, and a feeling of burning in urethra region, when starting Lexapro? I constantly, I mean 24/7, feel like I have to pee. I’ve been on 5mg for 7 days. Please tell me this will go away! TY

Do side effects of atenolol include urinary issues?

I have been taking beta blockers very long term for the extra heartbeat and palpitations caused by mitral valve prolapse. Now with 50mg/day of atenolol, I have been having painful urination with sometimes cloudy urine. This seems to come on just after I take the medicine, in the evening. I asked my... read more

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