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Took plan b, frequent urination week after and now clear discharge am I pregnant??

Posted 17 Jun 2016 by Anonymous1220 1 answer

Hi I took plan b may 30th because the condom broke during intercourse and we are not sure when it did , he pulled out and started cumming , he was sure he didn't cum in me but I was afraid about Precum and got the pill the next day less then 24 hours after sex. I started bleeding 3 days later ...

Plan b cause frequent urination?

Posted 17 Jun 2015 by jenniferyourbabe 1 answer

I took plan b about a week ago and now after one week I haven frequent urination and light cramping. Is it possible im pregnant? I read that the side effects for plan b do not include frequent urination.

Urinary Tract Infection - I used to suffer from UTIs frequently during my teens but was free of them

Posted 9 Jul 2014 by atayna 2 answers

... for 4 years after the infection spread to my kidneys and I was prescribed strong antibiotics. During travels to the States, I started getting the well-known symptoms again - painful urination and burning without urinating, pressure, feeling low etc. and was prescribed Bactrim for 5 days. The ...

For BPH Can I safely take Cialis 5mg every other day and use Flomax 5mg, 2/day to fill the gaps?

Posted 18 Sep 2015 by henryf 1 answer

I went from years of Flomax (which apparently stopped working) directly to Cialis. After 20 days of Cialis, urination is great! But Cialis is expensive, not covered by my insurer (so far). I thought of splitting my Cialis pills, but alternating Cialis and Flomax would cut my Cialis bill in half.

Does azithromycin have any side effects that could cause erection problems?

Posted 19 Aug 2018 by Skyking79 1 answer

I started taking azithromycin 2 days ago for a bronchitis infection. This morning I started having urination problems and now I’m having trouble getting an erection. Any help is really appreciated and I’m starting to really worry

Tresiba - cause of weight loss?

Posted 1 Jul 2016 by amishclay 1 answer

wt loss of over10 lbs. maybe related to over the top urination?

Hypertension - Has anyone else experience frequent urination after starting Lisinopril HCTZ. I take?

Posted 23 Jul 2014 by Jfeces 1 answer

... my pill around 6:00am when I awaken. Will urinate about 6-8 times before lunch. I drink a ton of water, but it seems like I'm going every 30 mins in morning. I didn't have that issue before lisinopril?

Frequent Urination - Starting about three weeks ago I have to pee every ten minutes. I had an?

Posted 31 Oct 2014 by Rajack07 2 answers

... infection and now it's gone but symptoms remain. I think it's anxiety related. Anyone have any experience?

Increased urination just started taking penicilln vk and atorvastatin?

Posted 21 Oct 2017 by Springs 1 answer

just had oral surgery and was presribed peniclln vk 500mg and now I am constantly urinated. I also take amlodipine 10 mg,atorvastatin 40mg and pecocet 10/325. Is this drug cocktail making me pee contantly ?

Levothyroxine - Will this make my urination more frequent during the day and night?

Posted 10 Jan 2016 by mwilbur01 1 answer

Was on 150 then went to 100. Then we went back up 125. At that time my urination became way more frequent and I can't leave the house because I can't hold it at all. This is going on day and night

I am experiencing frequent urination, esp. in the afternoon, for at least 5 years. Go Less (with?

Posted 18 Feb 2016 by notmeoryou 1 answer

... pumpkin seed extract, Life Extension Foundation) seems to help at night. Have enlarged prostate. Any other solutions? Thanks, e.b

Can hydrocodone cause problems urinating. Or cause UTIs?

Posted 30 Mar 2017 by sharon crittendon 1 answer

I have been on this medication for 2 years but lately it seems to affect my urination to the point where i am having UTIs reguarly. Is that possible with this medication.

I took tamsulosin 0.4 for kidney stones. Can I also take it for a UTI? I am a senior female.

Posted 23 Apr 2017 by Jerseypat 1 answer

It says not recommended for females so my question is will it help with the symptoms from a UTI such as burning and frequency of urination?

Metformin with urination every hour means?

Posted 21 Jan 2015 by needanswers73 1 answer

I went to the ER on Monday, as my glucose had risen from 242 at 5 AM, to 335 at 5 PM to 365 at 6 PM. I had a shaky moment, I am always tired (even tho I work full time), have blurry vision when I do my work on my PC at work & home, muscle aches, headache now & then, lower back ache about ...

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