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Urinary Tract Stones Questions

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Kidney stone/8mm prescribed Flomax?

Posted 14 Sep 2009 by MsLoriW 2 answers

I have a larger than normal kidney stone and it's lodged in the narrowest area of the ureter, I have a stent in place to aid in the passage, but it's not working. The ER doctor prescribed Flomax to help the flow of urine and hopefully help pass the stone, but I am reading that it's ...

Hello friends!! I have a question about my dog muffin so please only answer if you are a Vet tech?

Posted 26 Feb 2013 by happybrandee 4 answers

a Veterinarian, or have experience due to your own dog having this problem. I have 5 year old mini-dachshund who is 13 lbs. She had bladder surgery to remove 2 bladder stones 10 days ago. She finished her antibiotic from the surgery today and her urine is clear. Yesterday, we noticed that she was ...

Does Flomax cause coffee collored urine?

Posted 9 May 2013 by stoned38 1 answer

My doctor told me to take one flomax at bedtime. I have or had a 3mm stone in the ureter. I don't know if I passed it but when I wake up my urine is a dark coffee color for a couple of times and then it lightenes up. Is this normal?

When is the best time of day to take tamsulosin 0.4mg, 1 capsule a day?

Posted 19 Jul 2018 by Cornelia40 1 answer

Should it be taken in the evening?

Urinary Tract Stones - I am having bladder discomfort but tested negative for a uriary infection. I?

Posted 6 Feb 2013 by Porsche61 3 answers

... was treated for vaginitis which I received treatment. The discomfort continues. Systascope showed a healthy looking bladder. Ant suggestjs?

Will Protonix cause urinary stoppage?

Posted 11 Aug 2013 by duncan826 1 answer

Taking Flomax and Cipro

How can Tamsulosin help with overactive bladder and help pass kidney stones?

Posted 12 Feb 2015 by RC wants to know 1 answer

They seem to be opposite things, with an overactive bladder you want to urinate and with a kidney stone you want to urinate more to pass the stone. How can Tamsulosin do both?

Urinary Tract Stones - Is this medication (tamsulosin hcl 0.4 mg) safe for pets? My Jack Russell is?

Posted 14 Oct 2016 by adrnas 1 answer

... in a very bad way and has been now for 3-4 months. I am unemployed and my husband is on disability for heart failure so needless to say, financially we are not able to pay for veterinarian for anything. Surgery is out of the question for this reason. It is breaking my heart seeing him in so ...

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