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Uric Acid Questions


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Doctor - do I need to fast before a blood test from the Rhueomotologist?

Posted 5 May 2013 by retinadude 5 answers

it does not say or he did not say either, just wondering does it make any difference? its for CBC ESR CMP TSH RF uric acid level while im asking anyone what those test are for? Thx

My Uric Acid is 7.0 is this harmful, how can I control this?

Posted 11 Dec 2010 by sandy3149 2 answers

My Biochemical test report of Uric Acid is showing 7.0 and the reference range is between 3.5 to 7.2 mg%. Pls advise some suggestions to control this.

Yes or no with regard to stopping allopurinol during gout flares?

Posted 6 Sep 2013 by jdt60 2 answers

I have been using allopurinol for more than 15 years with only occasional gout flares in my left knee and most recently in my right hand. My latest Uric acid id 5.6 . The doctor I saw today told me it was important to STOP taking the allopurinol during a gout flare-up. I have never been told this ...

Can Potassium Citrate cause leg crams and muscel spasims?

Posted 13 Feb 2016 by sja4748 3 answers

I started to pass uric acid kidney stones about 5 weeks ago. I am still passing small orange stones. My Dr put me on Potassium Citrate 10 mg night and morning. Every night since I started taking this drug I have had sever leg cramps in the thighs, calves, ankles, feet and toes. The cramps only come ...

How can a tart cherry pill reduce uric acid?

Posted 20 days ago by flower farm 1 answer

I am currently taking allopurinol (100mg) for gout. is the Cherry pill used for that?

I am 60 and having sugar and uric acid. Is it safe to take cialis is for me ?

Posted 14 Dec 2014 by Hotman01 2 answers

I use generic sildefil but not satisfied with the erection . I want to get hard and long lasting ,may increase girth also.

What is the name of the uric acid test?

Posted 13 Mar 2013 by salthawk queen 1 answer

My uric acid text is 4.4 mg/dl is it normal?? And if so why do I have severe pains on my feet, when?

Posted 15 Jul 2014 by aRonny 1 answer

... ever I sit and stand on my feet.please I advice me

How does high uric acid interact with aspirin?

Posted 8 Feb 2014 by jelsie 1 answer

Methylprednisolone - I am on the 4th day and I am getting a new flair up of gout, Why?

Posted 27 Nov 2015 by martygmartin 1 answer

i have 3 pills left. 2 for today and 1 for tomorrow. But i now have new flair ups in my right wrist and in my right big toe. What can i do to relieve the pain and got the uric acid lower? Thank you.

How do you measure your uric acid levels?

Posted 5 Mar 2018 by Shakeel1 0 answers

And can home remedies help, such as drinking apple cider vinegar? If yes, then how safe is it to consume when on colchicine?

Has anyone else experienced gout like symptoms while on ibrutinib? ( uric acid level is good)?

Posted 24 Aug 2015 by Rebasue 0 answers

My husband had been on ibrutinib for about 3 months and after the first month, when he had high uric acid and had to be treated for that, his uric acid has been good. But he now gets these flare ups of gout like pain and swelling in various joints. It last 3-4 days and then moves to another joint. ...

Can bendroflumethiazide cause or trigger gout?

Posted 12 Jun 2018 by posieclegg 0 answers

I have been taking this drug for blood pressure for a considerable number of years (8+) and have recently had gout in the top of one foot. Blood tests indicated high level of uric acid, with seemly no cause in my diet I am now taking colchicine to treat the gout. Should I change my blood pressure ...

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