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Tylox Questions

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Why won't my doctor prescribe me Tylox anymore?

Posted 15 Dec 2015 by MrsSwift1988 0 answers

I was prescribed tylox in highschool for menorrhagia. Now, they have me on vicodin, but it gives me horrible headaches. My doc said they don't prescribe tylox any more, but couldn't/wouldn't tell me why.

Tylox... Is this a new pain relieving drug?

Posted 31 Dec 2013 by smokeyboo2012 2 answers

Tylox... Is this a new pain relieving drug? When was this drug introduced to the FDA market? My mother takes Oxycodone "Percocet" 10/325 and I have never seen this medication prescribed to her?

Ive been reading all the horror stories on the prevpac?

Posted 4 Sep 2013 by nelsontk 2 answers

I am 5 days in on the prevpac today My stamina went down today and I am so tired and my chest hurts and is tight and some pressure. I took a tylox hoping it would help. Only helped a little. Will these feelings go away soon?

I took oxy. and havea drug test in 2days how do I get the oxy out of my sytem asap?

Posted 14 Feb 2010 by gfunk1 3 answers

i took tylox 5/500 maybe 10 of them, i have to have this out of my system by monday morning i have passed a drug test for opiates, but they also test specifically for oxycodone which stays in ur system even when the opiate test is clean. this was a mistake on my be-half and i desperately need to ...

Why does it take different pain meds for different pain?i am a chronic pain suffer !?

Posted 10 Jan 2011 by brenda fain 1 answer

just had 2 back surgeries on the 27&29th of i have a huge hernia or knot which way you look at it .i have went to the doctor and now i am on tylox (oxycodone)for this pain and i have narco's for chronic pain and soma's and ultrams and was given nirotons for nerve pain after ...

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