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Tinea Cruris Questions

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Tinea Cruris - I obtained a jock itch fungus a long time ago and it got up into my rectum and?

Posted 24 Nov 2010 by D Artist 4 answers

... everytime I go to the bathroom it comes back and itches around the opening of my rectum. I must wash it out everyday and put a cream on it. I believe the fungus has migrated into my intestines and from there to other organs in my body. My eardrums itch, my eyes itch. My back itches. Only one ...

How can I get rid of Jock Itch / Tinea Cruris / Ringworm?

Posted 3 Jul 2013 by abdulgaffar007 1 answer

I have Tinea Cruris from 1 year, I have used so many tablets like Fluknazole-150 MG etc., but I could not get rid from this skin infection, when i take Fluka-150 MG I relax for only one week after one week this fungus infection again spreads, I have used Homeopath medicine also, I keep a kit ...

Triple Antibiotic - for jock itch?

Posted 1 Dec 2014 by glosta 1 answer

After many attempts using powders, creams etc for jock itch for relief I decided to try triple antibiotic. The result is less irritability, good night's sleep and a lot more comfort. Has anyone else tried this method?

Has anyone had experience useing Zoloft or any other drug for a red prickly scrotum?

Posted 13 Sep 2016 by Buslawprof 0 answers

I do not have jock itch or any other fungus, virus . Have had biopsy and 3 cultures. The feeling is like neuropathy .

Terbinafine - dose it work on open cuts?

Posted 14 Jun 2016 by josephine5213 0 answers

Can you use Desoximetasone be used for Jock Itch?

Posted 14 Aug 2015 by Foripp 0 answers

Is Termovate or triamcinolone a generic for nystatincream usp 100,000 units/gram?

Posted 4 Aug 2015 by Dixie P Montgomery 0 answers

I use nystatin cream for Jock itch.

Can you use econazole nitrate cream for jock itch?

Posted 31 Oct 2011 by moble 1 answer

I have been taking terbinafine for three months for toenail fungus I have finished,now I have jock?

Posted 8 Nov 2014 by covylove55 1 answer

I have been on terbinafine for three months now I have jock itch could this be a side affect from the medicine if so what can I treat it with?

Developed red flaky circle on stomach while taking lamisil for jock itch?

Posted 23 Nov 2014 by cjay35 1 answer

... something antifungal. He gave me a 2 week script of lamisil. With 3 or 4 days left of the I noticed a pencil eraser sized red, almost flaky, flat circle on my stomach directly to the left of my naval. I gave it some time and it didn't go away. Now this morning I noticed it started to itch ...

Please help! Best prevention or cure for Jock itch. All things considered. Thanks?

Posted 22 Nov 2011 by GratefulWife 4 answers

My husband is crucified with itching on his scrotum and inner groin with red lumps flaring up. He has tried many creams and lotions and has been using Betnovate for many years which is not good either. Can anyone suggest something to give him some relief? Many Thanks A grateful wife

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