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Testosterone Enanthate Questions

We found 12 questions associated with the 'Testosterone Enanthate' topic.

Testosterone - will this make me feel tired, depressed and moody?

Posted 10 Aug 2010 by Diamond Jim 6 answers

Hi - I have low testosterone, and have been on testosterone-replacement for over a year. My weight and sexual abilities went up, but I still feel tired a lot, and slightly depressed along with it. Moody, perhaps. Is this related to the therapy?

What if any other reasons would a person use Testosterone Enanthate?

Posted 27 Jan 2015 by FoundByMistake 1 answer

I know my boyfriend is taking testosterone supplements (pills by mouth) but I accidently found this med in his drawer when putting clothes away. And he had never mentioned this injection medication to me. Might there be something I do not know about him??

Can I use testosterone enanthate via inter muscular if I am taking tamsulosing hydrochloride?

Posted 28 Jan 2015 by dai ll 1 answer

I have to take tamsulosing hydrochloride for my prostate is it ok to inject intermuscular testosterone enanthate thanx

Testosterone Enanthate - would I fail a sport drug test?

Posted 13 Mar 2011 by msmithx18 2 answers

Im a 50yr man utilizing test e 200mg once a week. my concern is I am active in some amatuer sports that could ask me to be drug tested. would this usesage fail me from those types of tests?

Testosterone Enanthate - first couple of weeks my appetite went up but now have lost it, any advice?

Posted 6 Apr 2011 by michaelfarrington 1 answer

... have loss of appetite what can i do to help this??

Testosterone Enanthate - does this drug increase sexuall desire or needs/////?

Posted 16 Jan 2011 by ken white 1 answer

do you get arroused/ as the male or female ??? affect both...

Testosterone enanthate dosage?

Posted 30 Nov 2009 by jjmmwgd 2 answers

Age 82 Sex Male Levels: Total 626 mcg/dl, Free 15.7 pg/ml Sx relative impotence ? reasonable dose testosterone enanthate to reach optimum levels free teswtosterone.

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